SEO RoI, How to Hire an SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes expertise, time, and resources to generate a positive return on investment, especially for a big website. As the workload increases, you may consider hiring an SEO agency to manage it.

However, hiring an SEO firm can be intimidating. It takes months for SEO to show…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term marketing strategy. It consumes resources for months before delivering results. And since success is so far away, it becomes difficult to gauge the efficacy of an SEO campaign.

But you must ensure that the campaign is on track, heading to the desired goal…

Marketing channels should make you more money than you invest in them. SEO is no different, it has to deliver a positive return on investment to sustain funding. SEO RoI is the only metric that’s important for all stakeholders of an SEO campaign — the investors and the implementers.

What is SEO RoI?


non native speaker, how to write better

If writing is an uphill task, writing in your second language is like walking up a mountain with a monkey on your shoulder.

As a non-native speaker, you struggle with nuances and intricacies that come so naturally to native English speakers. Your sentences tend to be incoherent and the whole…

Many blogs talk about the importance of internal linking. In this guide, we focus mainly on the right approach to internal link building.

You will find some actionable steps towards internal linking minus the fluff. …

Backlinking is the lynchpin of any SEO strategy. It is a quintessential factor in boosting your Google rank.

But it is an arduous process that gobbles up resources. Plus, it takes countless hours to generate quality backlinks, especially for a new website.

This begets the question — Why not outsource…

There are scores of keyword research tools available online, each promising unique features. But do they have real-world data? Is there proof of metrics accuracy?


Look, Google never endorsed tools X, Y, or Z . It never said their metrics are on point, so you can’t trust them 100%.

It takes a lot of time and effort to get backlinks that are actually worth it. Most outreach methods, like guest posting, do not work for new websites. So what are the alternatives? SEO Experts recommend stealing your competitor’s backlinks.

But, is it worth it? Well, not really, not for…

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

Search engine result pages (SERP) have changed a lot over the years.

We do not have just 10 blue links anymore.

We have a whole menu: Images, paid results, map listing, suggested results, featured snippets and rich results.

The search results have become not just relevant to search intent, but…

It was BIG news when we received the first supposed message from space. It was a narrow-band signal which, on being decoded, read: Wow!. It was received by the Big Ear radio telescope, and we then sent out many signals screaming, “Ayo! you there? Give us a signal”. …

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I am Digital Marketing Professional who is passionate about SEO

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